East Java the Morning Sunrise - 2 day

Visiting the two famous place in East Java : Bromo the another planet of East Java, and Kawah Ijen the Blue Fire Mountain
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Bromo Mountain :

The most popular also well-known of East Java’s tourist attractions is undoubtedly Mount Bromo. The pre-dawn departure and trek across the mountain’s famous ‘sand sea’, to watch the sunrise at the crater rim, has become something of a ritual, enacted daily by people of every nationality.

Bromo is actually just one crater in the vast, 800 km2 Tengger massif, which forms the largest of East Java’s five main volcanic ranges. Although by no means the highest mountain in the region (2,392m), it has gained its reputation partly because of its unique location and partly through the reverence shown to it by the local inhabitants.

Climbing the crater of Bromo Volcano and you will stand like in another PLANET!!!

Kawah Ijen The Blue Fire Mountain :

Ijen volcano in East Java contains the world's largest acidic volcanic crater lake, called Kawah Ijen, famous for its turquoise color. The active crater measuring 950x600 m is known for its rich sulphur deposits which are being quarried.
The volcano is one of several active stratovolcanoes constructed over the 20 km wide Ijen caldera, the largest caldera in Java.
Eruptions from Ijen are very hazardous because of the risk of the lake draining to form catastrophic lahars. 


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